The Daily Word In Groping Ghosts, Decapitated Piglets, 102,000 Cupcakes

Adam Fox
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Watch 50 people simultaneously rob a 7-Eleven in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Facebook claims that there are now only 4.74 degrees of separation. Or
Kevin Bacon.

Future horror movie material? A German gynecologist is found with
35,000 pictures of his patients.

Future horror movie material?
Newt Gingrich surges to the top spot in the latest GOP poll.

Groupon gone wrong; a London baker is forced to make
102,000 cupcakes.

Walking through doorways is found to cause memory lapses and forgetfulness, new studies find.

A Virginia woman could be imprisoned for up to 50 years after
decapitating her boyfriend’s piglet.

Former Denver Broncos QB Jake Plummer lashes out against
Tim Tebow for his constant declarations of faith.

The Bernalillo High School principal pulls a
questionable cartoon from the school newspaper.

A fake doctor put
cement and sealant used to fix flat tires in a woman’s behind because she wanted it bigger.

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to sleep and a ghost is inappropriately
groping you?

“I Have a Draem,” and nine other hilarious typos.

Thanks to Emily Anderson for some of today’s links.
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