The Daily Word In Hank Williams Jr. Firing, Starbucks Wanting Your Cash, And Cell Phone Radiation Warnings

Adam Fox
1 min read
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It’s Election Day! Get out there and vote.

Starbucks is going to be asking for
$5 donations to help stimulate the economy.

If you need more ways to lose your hard-earned money, Starbucks also sells coffee-stained t-shirts for $85.

ESPN pulls
Hank Williams Jr.’s “Monday Night Football” theme after he compares Obama and Hitler.

A new law in San Francisco requires cell phone retailers to display
radiation warnings.

A bear attacks a couple
inside their home.

South Park turns 15, with brand new episodes airing tomorrow.

100 of the best f-bombs in film.

Lobo men’s basketball tickets are on sale today at The Pit.

Brianna Amat kicks the
game-winning field goal the same night she is named homecoming queen.

China threatens a
trade war with the U.S. due to a proposed bill that lets China’s currency rise.

You can buy
San Francisco’s Albion Castle, complete with tunneled water caverns.
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