The Daily Word In Hipsters, Rabid Bats And Twipping

Carl Petersen
1 min read
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The DC car chase woman had mental health problems, but she wasn’t a shooter as initially reported.

Now we can graph
word frequency in rap songs over time, which oddly seems somewhat useful from a culteral analysis standpoint.

Here’s a guy who likes
photograph himself next to people kissing in public.

robots hunt jellyfish at sea.

What’s the
most shared media in [insert your area]?

Hipsters hate the internet. Because it’s stupid now.

It’s fun to look at
old-timey lettering.

Learn the secret origins of
pirate talk.

Travel around the
world of fried chicken recipes.

You can
make your dog look like a mailbox, if you’re so inclined.

Some Albuquerque
kids were playing with a rabid bat. Lamentably.

Steve Stucker is giving away his balloon hat.

Take a
poop pill. Will it help? Couldn’t hurt…

Watch the
best Vines of September.

Our latest meme:
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