The Daily Word In Holly Holm, San Bernardino And Snapchat

Desiree Garcia
1 min read
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New Mexico, your Holly Holm bandwagon is showing.

Does the San Bernardino attack have legitimate ties to ISIS?

Snapchat trying to cover news via their story is like trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen.

Robert Downey Jr. and I have one thing in common and it’s
not being able to keep surprises a secret.

The only thing on the internet that I’m obsessed with is
Anna Kendrick’s Tweets.

In case you missed it, this local guy’s Target visit has given me uncontrollable feelings that make my heart melt.

On a more emotional note, as if feelings weren’t already uncontrollable,
frontman of the Stone Temple Pilots dies at 48.

Pamela Anderson takes one for the team in Playboy’s last nude edition.
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