The Daily Word In Immigration, Sleep, Cuddling Cats

E.J. Maliskas
1 min read
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Police have arrested three people in connection with a nightclub fire that killed more than 230 people in southern Brazil over the weekend.

A bipartisan group of senators has agreed on a blueprint for a sweeping overhaul of the
immigration system, including a pathway to American citizenship.

Head to room 308 at the capitol building in Santa Fe on a new
gun control bill.

More sleep might equal a
better memory. This makes my Monday morning just a bit better.

This handy dandy website lets you zoom in to your neighborhood and see
how much rain was reported in the last 24 hours.

An Albuquerque police detective was arrested and charged with
aggravated DWI on Saturday morning, but he said it was texting that made him drive badly, not the drinking.

New information has come out the a grand jury voted to indict the parents of slain child beauty queen
JonBenet Ramsey in 1999.

A giant visual list of
101 cats snuggling with stuffed animals.
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