The Daily Word In Instagram, Instant Cosby And Snorting Mr. Richards.

Nick Brown
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Instagram claims the right to sell your photos.

Rappers on Instagram.

Nielson agrees to buy

Sixty seconds of (almost) silence at a
Lamb of God concert.

A Swedish lady had
skeleton sex.

Drunk Ron Swanson dances.

72 years of
Batman logos.

Instant Cosby.

monkey and a cat. A dog and a little boy.

Ducks are the best.

Lego movie scenes.

Is it


Hey, Ho.

Albuquerque has
$5.5 million to spend on Alibi ads.

A man escaped from an Albuquerque
SWAT unit.

The adventures of
Anthony Chavez.

Happy birthday
Keith Richards.

Thanks to Susan Petersen, Oskar Petersen and Jacob Sanchez for the links.
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