The Daily Word In Israel, Miracle Lobos, Nativity Spats

E.J. Maliskas
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Israel is prepared to send troops into Gaza, but would still prefer a diplomatic solution.

Alford’s Lobos snag a miracle 70-69 win over George Mason, head to the Pacific Jam tournament final against #23 UConn.

Fight over
Nativity displays in California heading to court.

Twinkies will survive!

animals were in fact harmed in the making of The Hobbit.

Two APD officers under investigation for sexual misconduct.

Curiosity rover suggests that astronauts might be able to
survive on Mars.

Bill Nye and Shia LeBeouf: A glorious combination.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez appear to be back together.

Nob Hill business owners will meet tonight to duke it out over
food trucks.

The juice train.

Apparently the
KC Chiefs killed a guy.

Gas prices drop in New Mexico, AAA shows state at below the national average (finally something we WANT to be below average!).

Hubble may have photographed its
farthest galaxy yet.

If you are going to
counterfeit bills, at least use the right president.

action figures.
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