The Daily Word In James Blunt, Billy Idol And The Daily Planet.

Nick Brown
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Watch last night’s presidential debate sober.

James Blunt is quitting music!

Clark Kent is quitting the Daily Planet!

There was a giant
rectangular UFO in Texas.

Billy Idol is playing a birthday party.

New York’s highest court declares that
lap dances are not art.

Manson Family may be linked to 12 additional unsolved homicides.

woman breastfeeds her dog.

Here’s a
brain-like scalp.

meteorite hit a house. Perhaps it can become a meteorite doorstop.

Hawaiian Punch spill.

Enjoy these
old-timey photo manipulations.

The sad little
dotted zebra has no herd.

Pretending to love cats on the internet.

Billy Graham left some final advice about voting.

A woman was
raised by monkeys then sold into prostitution.

Donna the Deer Lady.

Ralph Davis has been found.

UNM researchers have help for your
burned tongue.

Happy birthday
Weird Al Yankovic.

Thanks for the many assists from Constance Moss, E.J. Maliskas, Tom Nayder and Robert Masterson.
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