The Daily Word In Job Drought, Kiwi Tree-Drinking, Bin Laden’s Memoirs

Sam Adams
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Japan to go nuclear energy free.

buckle up if you’re out cruising today.

Dog kills its Santa Fe owner.

unemployment rate lowest in three years.

suicide bomber kills at least 19.

Best closer of all-time may have just suffered a
career-ending injury.

A game in which you drink in a tree
until you get drunk and fall off the tree is apparently all the rage in New Zealand.

Obama’s attention-seeking college girlfriend dishes on their love life, and on the Prez’ literary smugness.

South African cat survives almost
two hours in the washing machine.

Remeber that bear from last week that got shot with a tranquilizer and fell out of a tree?
It’s dead.

Inside the mind of
bin Laden.

Neil Armstrong’s ’67 Corvette.

The alco-bra. … Kids these days.
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