The Daily Word In Joe The Plumber, Obama Birth Control, Undocumented Immigrant License Repeal

Sam Adams
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Obama administration expected to announce a compromise with religious groups in regard to birth control.

Coronado Mall employees going to jail. Police say
they’ve been physically agressive in pushing sales .

Bombings in Syria kill at least 25.

Gov. Martinez-backed
repeal disallows undocumentedl immigrants from getting driver’s licenses.

House also
approves pay raise for county officials.

Conservationists kill rhino while trying to inform the public on how to help rhinos.

Man carrying petitions for A Safer Missouri Citizens’ Coalition
shot to death in St. Louis.

Nothing says Valentine’s Day love like a

In other salty-processed-meat-Valentine’s news,
Pizza Hut is running a marriage proposal special for ten grand.

APS says boy burned in locker room
horseplay involving aerosol and a lighter.

Joe the Plumber is running for Congress.

Man arrested for putting
3-year-old in a dryer, turning it on.

Two nuclear plants approved in Georgia.

Chewie, Barney and Alf—
the men behind the masks.

Police say Illinois teen tried to bring
five sacks of sacks of weed into juvie, but decided to put them in a security checkpoint tray rather than take them through a metal detector.

A list of ways to refer to
Zooey Deschanel, aka the “manic pixie dream girl.”

One-legged man running from trouble prompts the question, What would Omar Little do? Oh, indeed.
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