The Daily Word In Johnny Tapia Crash, 100 Years Of Statehood, Poisonous Cat Stew

Sam Adams
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Happy 100th birthday, New Mexico! Citywide horn-honking at 11:35 a.m.

In other 100-year-anniversary news, the
Girl Scouts introduce a new cookie. Unfortunately, it’s lemon flavored.

25 dead in
Damascus bombing.

Police say
Johnny Tapia crashed his SUV into a median on Paseo.

Economy on the upswing with
200,000 jobs added in December.

Orange County police say serial killer is
stalking the homeless, has already killed three.

Genetically modified monkeys created from six different embryos. Scientists say it could be a step toward curing Parkinson’s. C’mon, didn’t you see Rise of the Planet the Apes?

Cops say naked pro skateboarder was on PCP when he went
apeshit in an NYC hotel.

Gingrich belittles Santorum.

Car theft goes awry when vehicle hits a rock and
propels onto a roof.

Police say a Navy SEAL
accidentally put a bullet in his head.

Dog finds its way back to family four days after owner dies in avalanche while skiing.

Tiger Woods’ ex buys $12 million home,
bulldozes it.

Sensitive fire alarms may be the reason for unnecessary
Pit evacuations.

Wisconsin man arrested after taking an
80-mile “test drive.”

Cat stew kills Chinese billionaire.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got
engaged. God, is Justin Timberlake cool.
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