The Daily Word In Judge Judy’s Violence, Glenn Beck’s Back And Portland’s Bunny Theft

Adam Fox
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Glenn Beck throws his back out after jumping onto a coffee table.

Thieves steal valuable
Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondrian paintings from a Greece art museum.

Studies find people
describe New Mexico as “dull,” “barren” and “close to Arizona.”

325,000 are expected to vote in today’s New Hampshire primary.

… And in case you’re wondering
Tim “Tebus Christ” Tebow does not have a horse in the GOP race.

A woman attacks her husband with a hammer for watching
“Judge Judy.”

The Department of Homeland Security now has permission to
monitor journalists and retain info on social networkers. Hi, guys!

Hostess Brands is preparing to file for bankruptcy.

Awwww! A
broken heart increases the risk of having a cardiac attack.

And the
Gayest City in America is … Salt Lake City??

Alabama shuts out LSU as victors of the BCS National Championship.

Don’t bother
donating your body to science if you’re chubby.

A man walks into court wearing a jacket covered in a
crack recipe.

Photographing the
International Space Station at home, in ten easy steps!

You can steal our
bunny rabbits, but Meat Class 101 must go on.

Thanks to Emily and Constance for some of today’s links.
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