The Daily Word In Kale, Cannabis, Cursing And Killer Karaoke

Constance Moss
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A Canadian robot is about to embark on a hitchhiking journey across the U.S.

Marijuana is proving to be quite the wonder drug.
What can’t cannabis do?

The city plans to
give the Sunport a seemingly unnecessary $16M Facelift. A petition against the removal of the ’70s brown seating cushions will be in circulation shortly.

Kale may be doing you more harm than good.

Here are the
most popular curse words by state.

Foxy Knoxy, aka
Amanda Knox belted out a mean tune at a karaoke joint in Manhattan this week.

Helping to diminish our faith in humanity, this
man witnessed a car crash, then quickly approached it so he could film the victims and make fun of them.

60-year-old Glenn
Danzig put a fan in a headlock yesterday.

Peculiar side effects are caused by some medications.

A communal
Facebook experiment went pretty much as expected.

Happy Birthday David Hasselhoff!

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