The Daily Word In Killer Bees, Krokodil And Lesus.

Carl Petersen
1 min read
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There’s an oil spill in North Dakota.

Krokodil hits the Midwest.

A Costa Rican
kidney-trafficking ring is exposed.

Rest in peace,
Maria De Villota.

Why are we always conducting
military drills near North Korea?

One of our Rockwells is missing.

Lesus saves.

Ha ha. The Russians had a better
space pen.

Read about
Hitler’s Furies.

Beam me up, Scotty,” is a lie.

Behold the
world’s largest rubber ducky.

Enough with the
killer bees.

There actually are
cooler cars than a Toyota Yaris.

A fire truck was in a
crash at I-40 and Carlisle.

A bus driver is a accused of sending an awkward and
profane text to a mother.

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