The Daily Word In Killer Storm, Childhood Obesity, Starbucks Politics

E.J. Maliskas
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Intense storm system blamed in the deaths of at least six people after it dumped sleet and snow in the Midwest and unleashed tornadoes in the South.

Childhood obesity rates appear to be falling.

KRQE provides some helpful tips for returning those
unwanted Christmas presents.

You can no longer
adopt a child from Russia.

Politics, politics, everywhere … even on your
Starbucks cups.

A family in Albuquerque
lost their home after it went up in flames on Christmas Day.

Christmas on the

Hobbit actors see how fast they can name all of the

Creepy (sexy?)
John Mayer Santa.

Who steals a
baby Jesus from a nativity scene on Christmas? C’mon.

IRL online shopping.
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