The Daily Word In Kiss, Creed And Cryptids.

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A Texas plumber’s work truck ended up in the hands of ISIS, and he has no idea how.

Dr. Oz s a quack.

The best part of waking up is Kiss’ Paul Stanley in your cup.

A runaway
bin lorry caused multiple fatalities in Glasgow.

A driver in France also mowed down several pedestrians in the town of Dijon.

In more uplifiting French news, research shows
champagne bubbles may be cause for celebration.

The former singer of Creed lost his marbles a while back and has yet to regain them.

Pope Francis’ Christmas speech to the Vatican Clergy was not all warm and fuzzy.

George W. the painter tries to get the nose right.

the year in bigfoot sightings.

Me hungover?
You hungover.

Songbirds can sense tornadoes in time to get the heck away.

A South Valley rehab center is under
Norovirus quarantine.

When you shoplift an axe you become and
axe-wielding shoplifter.

Don’t hold your breath on that
downtown ice-skating rink.

Happy birthday,
Barbara Billingsley.
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