The Daily Word In Kissing, Assisted Suicide, Facebook, Dementia And Bike Tricks.

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Leave it to Web MD to take the fun out of kissing.

The international movement to legalize
assisted suicide has pissed off the Pope.

Hollywood Film Awards get interesting with the help of Johnny Depp and Kristen Stewart.

Here’s what
200 calories looks like.

Facebook is making a
Facebook for your job in addition to the current one for bitching about your job.

There’s a
town for people who can’t remember.

The president of Turkey contends
Muslims discovered America.

An old-timey
lady did your bike tricks first.

Poop Boat: exciting and new.

You may want to
think twice before taking that elephant ride on your next vacation.

Miss Honduras has gone missing just days before the Miss World pageant.

If you’re up late, don’t forget to bundle up and check out
tonight’s meteor shower.

Thanks for the links, Geoff Plant and Sarah Bonneau!

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