The Daily Word In Lawmaker Cam, Taco Bell And Puerto Rico

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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APS bosses get raises, teachers pissed.

Legislators suspicious of
Gov. Martinez filming them in the Roundhouse.

Taco Bell unveils
baked potato wrapped in a tortilla.

State cop takes a woman into custody and then has sex with her in his patrol car
on their way to jail. No charges are filed.

slices his tongue to get his wife back.

Tea Party says it’s Romney’s fault.

Your brain and

Welcome to
Middle-Earth Airlines.

Diane Sawyer, drinking wine, taking meds, making coke jokes.

The worst appearances of
musicians in sci-fi movies.

Google unveils JAM, which is, roughly, Garage Band. Here’s
other stuff Google has wasted money on.

For balance:
Forgotten Apple products of yore.

For x-mas, please buy me a
petri dish ornament.

Puerto Rico is thinking it wants to be a state.

Neil Gaiman writes some “Doctor Who,” tries to salvage the glory of the Cybermen.
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