The Daily Word In Lions, Commoners And Mixtapes

Marisa Demarco
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Breaking Bad” smashes ratings record with Season 4 finale. (Remember when we interviewed the Cranston and the show’s creator?)

UNM students
protest Chick-fil-A for donating money to groups that oppose gay rights.

Sarah the lion at the zoo has died.

KOB grills Occupy Albuquerque protesters for

We have a permit. It’s called the Constitution.” —Occupy Boston.

Gov. Susana Martinez’
PAC took in thousands during the legislative session, though state law prohibits politicos from doing so directly.

Target promises to sell only
sustainable seafood by 2015.

Gawker dubs FOX News article on funny, sexy women possibly the
most horrifying thing ever written.

Top headline of the day:
Why are these galaxies bending like crazy snakes?

Mixtape of the lost decade.

Slutoween is coming!

King of Bhutan marries a
commoner. Trendy.

Taiwanese death metal.

Why some women are
not getting married.
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