The Daily Word In Lizard People, Nostril Ticks And Street Apes

Carl Petersen
1 min read
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They found a fancy secret railway tunnel between San Diego and Tijuana.

Chinese submarines can get us.

An angry bar
brawler brandished a chainsaw.

determined mouse struggled with his cracker.

Here’s my vote for
coolest Halloween candy.

What’s the
most popular Halloween candy?

Bone up on blood sucking with this
TED-Ed vampire cartoon.

Should we build a
Death Star?

lizard people run the government?

We’re closer to understanding why
warm water freezes faster than cold water.

Create your own drug.

Watch out for
nostril ticks.

Bulldogs win at losing.

stole a donation box from Donut Mart.

Spend some time with the
street apes of Jakarta.

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