The Daily Word In Marriage Rights, Romney The Bully And Breastfeeding

Marisa Demarco
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Justice Department accuses infamous Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio of trampling civil rights in his district.

President Obama announced his support for full marriage equality, but New Mexicans don’t see it happening
anytime soon.

There were Christian
same-sex unions in the 10th century, says anthropologist.

Kid fell into the
zebra exhibit.

Former APD union boss arrested and charged with domestic violence.

With few protections in the state, some people wind up purchasing land from
folks who don’t own it.

Mitt Romney was a bully and a
cutter of hair he didn’t like.

A man in his undies stabbed his computer with a
samurai sword while police were looking for child porn.

Time magazine’s breastfeeding cover.

What would it be like
if pterosaurs walked the Earth right now.

Fancy business types are annoyed by the way Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

Fundamentalist Phoenix high school forfeits championship baseball game because the other team
had a girl on it.

South Korea accuses North Korea of jamming
GPS signals for civilian flights.

dog is ready to play.

white shark coffee table.

Hack your

Humpback whales defend baby gray whale from orcas.
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