The Daily Word In Maurice Sendak, Dustin Hoffman And Tyrannosaurus Rex

Adam Fox
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Where the Wild Things Are author Maurice Sendak dies at 83.

North Carolina votes on a controversial constitutional ban on gay marriage today known as
Amendment One.

The Senate discusses a bill today that would prevent
student loan rates from doubling July 1.

Junior Seau’s family discuss with Samoan elders whether to donate his brain for
scientific study.

Dustin Hoffman saved
this jogger’s life in London’s Hyde Park.

This creepy principal resigns after creating a
fake Facebook page to spy on her students.

Hell hath no fury like a
pet lynx’s jealousy.

South Korean customs officials discover pills filled with
powdered human baby flesh—sure to spawn a metal band/song or ten.

Hundreds in Russia take to the streets to protest the inauguration of
Vladimir Putin.

I suppose changing your name to
Tyrannosaurus Rex is more original—but no less crazy—than Jesus Christ.

Rick Santorum endorses Mitt Romney in an email to his supporters.
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