The Daily Word In Mcdonald’s Breakfast Outrage, Robotic Ostriches, Vodka-Soaked Tampons

Adam Fox
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The Bob Costas/Jerry Sandusky interview was one of the creepiest things I’ve ever heard. Sandusky says he showered with boys, but claims he is not a pedophile.

When Disneyland is old-hat; a Singapore family drops $1 million to take the
Virgin Galactic space flight.

More than 80,000 people have signed a petition for
Target to close its doors on Thanksgiving.

This woman bit her boyfriend’s arm and tore off his shirt after she discovered
McDonald’s had switched over to breakfast.

Vodka-soaked tampons are all the rage. And yes, they still go exactly where you’d expect them to.

Mongolia’s capitol Ulan Bator bids on an
ice shield experiment, designed to store winter temperatures in a giant brick of ice.

An Albuquerque toddler is going to live after her father
cut her throat.

PNM is shutting down all of its payment centers next month.

This South Carolina teacher was accused of making students
rub her feet.

The visual imagery of a
naked runner colliding with barbed wire is too much to bear.

Take a look at FastRunner, a
robot ostrich that’s quickly going viral.

Thanks to Constance Moss and Emily Anderson for some of today’s fun-filled links.
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