The Daily Word In Mcdonald’s Unsafe Pit Bulls, Nike Foam Knife Fights And Plan B Vending Machines

Adam Fox
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President Obama plans to use a super PAC for campaign fundraising, something he opposed in the past.

The Caddo Parish, La. commissioner wants to put a ban on
pajama wearing in public.

A Maryland mall was evacuated after
knives were pulled over the release of the new Nike Foam shoe.

Puerto Rico proposes a plan to
kill their iguana population and export their meat to aid economic struggles.

You’ll be able to snag
Plan B pills from a vending machine at Shippensburg University.

In a new book, the Pope is said to have performed
two exorcisms during his time in the Vatican. Crappy found-footage movie to follow.

Steins Railroad Ghost Town in the southwestern part of the state reopens in May, even with a mysterious murder going unsolved.

The oldest living things on Earth are discovered …
giant seagrass in the Mediterranean Sea.

GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich continues his
1984 -esque campaign when his communications director alters his Wikipedia page. “Edits” include items about his three marriages and his books.

Albuquerque Police Department begins an internal investigation after a cell phone video of two cops kicking a man makes it on YouTube.

McDonald’s pulls an advertisement that states eating a new Chicken McBite is less risky than
petting a pit bull.

Susan G. Komen Foundation Vice President
Karen Handel resigns over the Planned Parenthood funding controversy.

This incredible list of
150 Valentines from your childhood are going to bring back many a grade school memory.
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