The Daily Word In Medical Marijuana Ninjas, World’s Tiniest Puppy And The Chicken Man

Adam Fox
1 min read
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Syria accepts a United Nations ceasefire proposal.

Could this
tiny puppy in California put the entire world on adorable alert?

A medical marijuana deliveryman is robbed by
ninjas armed with batons.

The home of the
“Chicken Man” in Roswell explodes.

Trayvon Martin’s mother is attempting to
trademark two phrases that include the name of her son.

A new study shows that
eating chocolate helps keep you thin. What?

North Korea tests a
long-range rocket on Monday despite warnings from President Obama.

If you want a
photo with Newt, you’re gonna have to cough up $50.

Zooey Deschanel remembers growing up on the set of
“Twin Peaks.” I just now discovered her mother played Eileen.

Brothels and pimping are legalized in Ontario, Canada in an effort to make prostitution less dangerous.

Somebody needs to order me a subscription to
The Conservative Teen, and they needed to do it yesterday.
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