The Daily Word In Mma Arenas, Botox And Killer Robots.

Nick Brown
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A Santa Fe jail was a martial arts arena.

Monkeys and mid-life crises.

R. Kelly on Broadway.

botox poker face.

Chinese sex toys.

Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.

Charlize Theron got a buzzcut.

45% of America wants to
skip Christmas.

Kate Moss’ bird tattoos were done by painter Lucien Freud.

PSYOPS mission patches!

Slow motion
dancing water drips.

Weird cars of 2012.

Halloween candy recipes. (At what point does candy become “leftover” candy?)

Rich people amuse themselves with
fancy things.

Draw eyes on your hands!

What made you sad?

Want to play

killer robots.

mystery of the Bloop has been solved.

You can cut a
Christmas tree.

Happy birthday
Sean Young.

Thanks to Constance Moss, Susan Petersen and Tom Nayder for the help!
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