The Daily Word In More Afghani Murders, Driving Baby, The Influence Of Hunger Games

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One of bin Laden’s wives talks about life on the run.

Police say
Afghani cop murdered nine of his coworkers while they slept.

City law may
prohibit firefighter from running for state legislature.

He’s just a poor (drunk) boy, he needs no sympathy. That said, nice rendition, but he probably has nothing on Chico the stolen Queen-singing parrot.

Baby behind the wheel.

Jennifer Lawrence is making people
get all Robin Hood.

This American Bandstand-style
Nine Inch Nails video from 20 years ago is about as hardcore "Full House."

Shit to say to your colleagues.

Dude named
Jesse James gets all hammered and jumps on a cop car … while wearing a sombrero.

Spike Lee pays out Florida couple over erroneous Trayvon Martin tweet.

C’mon, we all know
Mitt is gonna take the nomination. The guy looks “presidential,” whatever that means.
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