The Daily Word In Ncaa, Clooney And Portrait Gourds

Marisa Demarco
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Lobos victorious, will face Louisville in the second round of the NCAA tourney.

Santa Fe’s
Casanova con man released from jail.

Jury finds
Rutgers student who spied on his gay roommate with a webcam guilty of a hate crime. His roommate committed suicide.

George Clooney arrested while protesting Sudan’s president.

50 Native American foster kids in San Juan County but only two Native American foster homes.

Feds cough up
$4 million to help N.M. schools that are in bad shape.

Aboriginal attorney says
Rodarte’s fall fashion collection is sickening.

Skip the TSA security lines after paying $100 application fee.

Martin Chavez’ former roommate has been
accused of embezzlement. Problem for the campaign?

Osama bin Laden sought to
kill President Obama so Biden would be prez.

Senators say we’d be shocked to know how the government uses the
Patriot Act.

How the
music industry works.

How to make a
portrait gourd.

People who hate

Fruit flies drink booze when they don’t get laid.
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