The Daily Word In No More Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, North Korean Death Camps, Palin’s Former Flame

Adam Fox
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As of today, “don’t ask, don’t tell” is no more.

The official song of the shitty economy,
“My EBT,” is going viral.

Italian scientists
go on trial for failing to predict the L’Aquila earthquake.

American and European scientists find a way to prevent
HIV from damaging the immune system.

John Travolta’s
$100,000 Mercedes-Benz was stolen.

Satellite photos depict
concentration camps the North Korean government swears don’t exist.

Miguel Caballero’s new fashion line for men and women is
bulletproof, literally.

Obama unveils a plan to save the U.S. Postal Service by ending
Saturday mail.

Sarah Palin hook up with former NBA player Glen Rice in 1987?

Nothing beats a list of the 10
most bizarre sex world records.

Albuquerque Studios has a new owner and is operating free of debt.

real human skull is confiscated after found for sale on Phoenix’s Craigslist.

A necklace recovered from the
Titanic (no, not that one) is stolen from an exhibition in Copenhagen.
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