The Daily Word In Obama Cyberattacks, Zombie Apocalypse, Kanye Tweets

Sam Adams
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UN Rights Council looking into mass killings in Syria which many believe to be the work of Syrian government.

Obama’s role in
cyberattacks on Iran.

Motorcyclist killed in
hit-and-run on I-25.

Saturday is
Free Fishing Day—no licenses or stamps required.

Looks like
John Edwards will walk free.

Details on the Seattle man who
killed five in a cafe on Wednesday and then offed himself.

Relatives of the homeless (and now faceless) man who was attacked in Miami
didn’t know he was still alive. In related news, a Baltimore student snacks on a man’s brain and heart. Meanwhile, CDC denies Zombie Apocalypse.

Bieber has a thing for walking into plate-glass.

Where to go for free doughnuts on
National Doughnut Day.

If you’ve ever been pissed that your custom-ordered Persian rugs didn’t come with the proper cherub imagery, maybe you’ll sympathize with these
embroidered Kanye tweets.

Invention of the year—
spray-bottle Sriracha. Somebody get a patent, stat!

Speaking of inventions, MIT students turn bananas, cat tongues and stairs into
computer keys.

This guy should teach New Mexicans to
parallel park. Just sayin’.

Gay Green Lantern.
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