The Daily Word In Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Santa Fe, Spaceport America

Adam Fox
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It’s a presidential whodunit! Obama’s seal, podium and audio equipment are stolen.

Isn’t it ironic? Thieves are preying on the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

This Las Vegas man with a
100-pound scrotum wants money for surgery.

Sir Richard Branson’s
Spaceport America is officially open for business.

Shia LeBeouf was involved in some
huge bar fight in Vancouver, Canada.

Here’s a short video of the
Occupy Santa Fe protests on October 15 th .

Here’s a neat letter from 1960 with
Paul McCartney offering an audition to an unknown drummer.

Here’s a nifty little wiki on how to elude police during a
high-speed chase.

Happy Birthday,
Chuck Berry!
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