The Daily Word In Oscar Nominations, Baseball Hall Of Shame, Tape Faces

E.J. Maliskas
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Complete list of Oscar nominations for 2013. Who are the snubs and shockers?

The Jacksonville Jaguars fired their
head coach.

Albuquerque man who said he lost his memory showed up at a McDonald’s in Colorado with no idea how he got there or where he was from.

Jerry Sandusky begins process of appeal for sex abuse conviction.

Britney’s leaving the X Factor.

No new members were elected this year to the
Baseball Hall of Fame (thanks a lot, steroids).

Are you the last to see this
Albuquerque photographer’s Scotch Tape Series?

Everybody calm down,
the whales are fine!

Boston declared itself in a state of
flu emergency after more than 700 confirmed cases were reported throughout the city.

The incredible, edible, valuable
bacon dragon.

buried treasure in a Black Sea fortress.

Thanks to Nick Brown and Brennan for help with the links.
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