The Daily Word In Penis-Infiltrating Eels, Listeria Outbreaks, And Amelia Earhart’s Goggles

Adam Fox
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A U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan is under attack.

A man sneaks a
stun gun past security during the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets football game.

A man inadvertently makes a
bomb threat on a train after having a Final Destination -style dream.

An eel is removed from a man’s bladder. This was after it entered
through the penis. Cringe.

An obese man sues
White Castle because he can’t fit into the seats.

Check out the ultra-Orthodox Jewish version of Facebook,

Listeria outbreak that claimed three lives in New Mexico may be coming from cantaloupe.

Horses wearing the numbers
9, 1, and 1 win the first three races at Belmont on 9/11.

Amelia Earhart’s iconic goggles are sold for more than $17,000 at an auction.

The top
10 best video game cheat codes are a blast from the glorious past.

Reasons why you
shouldn’t be friends with your mother on Facebook.

Happy 15
th Anniversary, Tupac!
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