The Daily Word In Pink Slime, Cinnamon Challenges And Alien Brain Hemorrhage Cocktails

Adam Fox
1 min read
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GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich sued for using the Rocky III theme song during rallies.

A principal is on leave after voluntarily watching some students take the
“cinnamon challenge.”

NBC decides to do away with a Fear Factor episode where contestants drink cups of
donkey semen.

Burmese pythons are wreaking havoc on the mammal population in the Everglades.

McDonald’s promises to stop using the
“pink slime” additive in its food.

Congratulations! You’ve been admitted to Vassar College …
just kidding!

Have you ever wondered how to make an
alien brain hemorrhage cocktail?

This week in pictures? A
198-pound tumor.

Drive your diligent coworkers to drink with this
annoying dog application.

WikiLeaks founder
Julian Assange plans to take servers to the open waters.

Happy Birthday,
Justin Timberlake!

Thanks to Tom Nayder and Carl Petersen for some of today’s links.
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