The Daily Word In Poo Tattoo, Suspension For Suh, Germany Inseminating You

Adam Fox
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Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik gets no jail time after being declared insane.

Researchers find two pits next to
Stonehenge that may have been used in ancient ceremonies.

The NFL suspends DT
Ndamukong Suh for two games without pay after stomping a player’s arm.

First Yellow No. 5 waged war against your sperm count, now
laptop wi-fi?

Get revenge on your unfaithful partner by tattooing a
steaming pile of poo on their back.

Restaurants will now be able to certify the
seafood you’re eating using DNA technology.

There could be a 7 percent
internet sales tax for New Mexicans on purchases made online.

The German Family Minister wants to improve the country’s birthrate by offering
artificial insemination to childless couples.

If you accidentally donate your
entire life’s savings to Goodwill, at least you have good karma coming.

Researchers in the Netherlands are studying why going somewhere
feels longer than coming back.

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