The Daily Word In Poodles, Perfect Pitch And Penis Captivus

Carl Petersen
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Happy Blue Monday.

It’s cold.

National security is now the
FBI’s primary mission.

You can’t smoke pot in the
Denver airport.

Pregnant moms who drink
wine may produce calmer kids.

France thinks comic
Dieudonne is less funny than Jerry Lewis.

Utah’s judiciary puts a hold on gay marriage.

Bighorn sheep make a comeback.

Penis captivus is real.

Once there was a terrible
online dating profile.

One more sandwich and
I will stab you.

Poodles for sale.

Perfect pitch in a pill?

killed bigfoot again.

jerky factory caught fire.

There might be
more cops downtown.

Devil Mask Robbers strike again.

New Mexico ranks poorly in
economic freedom.

going on today?

Happy birthday
Rowan Atkinson.

Thanks to Alyx Brannock, Mark Lopez and Geoffrey Anjou for the links!

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