The Daily Word In Presidential Marketing, Biting Bears, Jay-Z For Gay Marriage

Sam Adams
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Wait, is Obama the first gay president or the first female president? Last I checked, he wasn’t either. Maybe he can close the books on gimmicky headlines used to sell magazines by coming up with an all-encompassing term like Cablinasian.

Jay-Z also in support of gay marriage. Does that make him the nation’s first gay rap legend?

French Socialist
François Hollande is inaugurated this morning as the nation’s president.

claims he was assaulted by the chairman of the Public Regulation Commission during one of its hearings.

Rio Rancho boy
bitten by captured bear.

Greek government talks fall apart, prompting an election do-over.

Apparently it’s not too late to live out that life-long dream of fellating Charles Bukowski. … What else would be the purpose of
whiskey-flavored lube?

I’ve tried
a sugar-free Slurpee. Not bad, but they melt really quick.

Partial eclipse this Sunday afternoon.

No. 7 in this list of
people doing dumb things takes my vote.

One of the the
Swamp People died.
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