The Daily Word In Prosthetic Limbs, London Cabbies And Tim Tebow

Adam Fox
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Hillary Clinton warns about a potential terrorist haven in Sinai.

Mark Hamill says Mitt Romney is
“not actually human.” You’d have to think Luke Skywalker has an eye for that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign likens Mitt Romney to Batman supervillain
Bane. Bain. Bane. Get it?

The FDA approves the first drug to reduce the risk of
HIV infection.

Michael Johnson thinks runners with prosthetic limbs have an
unfair advantage.

Hundreds of
London cabbies protest the 30 miles of “Olympic Games Lanes.”

Yet another sign 2012 may very well be end times; church groups plan pilgrimages to the Jets’ training camp to see
Tim Tebow.

Prostitutes are wreaking havoc on dozens of street signs in New Zealand.

The Albuquerque Police Department reveals
mobile surveillance trailers to assist SWAT situations.

I had no idea I needed this
Legend of Zelda key holder so badly.

It might pay to complain to
DirecTV about their dropping of Viacom’s channels.

Marissa Mayer has been named Yahoo’s new CEO. She became Google’s first female engineer back in 1999.

Happy Birthday,
David Hasselhoff!
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