The Daily Word In Putin, Panties And Pickpockets.

Carl Petersen
1 min read
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James Garner died. I guess we knew that was coming.

Putin warns the West. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hundreds of
panties were stolen. Next, I’m stealing gum.

Learn the secret origins of
Silly Putty.

I wish I could sleep in a
cool bedroom.

I think my phone is infected with
electricity-eating bacteria.

Pickpockets are a dying breed.

I shall never
RickRoll you again.

new Star Wars movie will open with a severed hand.

The Danes have a
gene that makes them happy, and that makes them feel sad.

teenagers killed homeless people to be mean.

APD’s predictive analysis targets property crimes, hot babes.

Happy birthday,
Ernest Hemingway.

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