The Daily Word In Racist Frat Boys, Kissing Skeletons And The Abcs Of Death

Constance Moss
1 min read
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A teacher was jailed for showing a graphic adult film that may have been inspired by Edward Gorey, and looks sort of awesome.

A fraternity in Oklahoma has been shut down after its members posted an online video of themselves using racist slurs.

this art project’s video has gone viral, raising awareness and jerking tears all over the globe.

New York’s homeless population has reached an all-time high of 60,000, and 25,000 of them are children.

Competition turned deadly at the
world’s largest dog show.

In less tragic canine news,
this dog was found by TSA in a checked suitcase at La Guardia.

A must-listen: It’s dark, it’s smooth, it’s
Metallica and Hall & Oates all in one.

Here are some ideas for your
Harry Potter-inspired bathroom.

Robert Mapplethorpe, Charles Bukowski, George Burns, Notorious B.I.G., and Brad Delp all died on this date.

Cranky over daylight savings? Turn that frown upside down with
an episode of Majestic Loincloth!

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