The Daily Word In Ricky And The Jets, Unemployment Rate, Dog Park Virus

Sam Adams
1 min read
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Rick Perry gets free rides on private jets. A lot of them.

meeting with protesters over officer-involved shootings.

Unemployment rate still stuck around
9 percent.

Iowa kid gets in a fight at school; then his parents
fight in their car.

From Jay and Silent Bob to Michelle Obama;
dance GIFs in the heezy!

Speaking of Silent Bob, a guy with my name apparently has the
same opinions on Kevin Smith as I do.

Hermain Cain’s numbers are
on the rise, despite alleged sex scandal.

Gawker likes to gossip. It also makes a
good point on how news media is going that route. Speaking of which, here’s the latest on Lindsay Lohan.

Parvo virus in Burque dog parks.

Hunter Thompson’s
The Rum Diary : Book vs. movie.

Drunk Albuquerquean pulls over, drops trow and
pees in the road. Surprisingly, she had two bottles of rum in the car.

Hearing about the
new Bond film makes me want a martini for breakfast.

Someone is saying that Mayor Rahm
leaked the Cain sex story.
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