The Daily Word In Road Conditions, The Speechjammer, Sunflower Semen Sentence

Sam Adams
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Tension with Iran heats up, Obama doesn’t mince words.

Snow and ice
jamming up roads in Northern New Mexico.

Device created for anyone who thinks they might meet Glenn Beck or Carrot Top.

In other awesome non-bullet-firing-gun news, may I present
“Ultimate Tazer Ball.”

Albuquerque man says he has to
walk around with a spear to protect himself from the neighborhood Cujo. No news on whether the dog is registered to vote.

Being a foodie
may cause your child to be a food Grinch.

Eye patch-wearing bullfighter who can’t eat
returns to the ring five months after being maimed.

The Sunflower semen guy
gets 2 years in federal lockup.

55 gallons of lube on the wall,
55 gallons of lube

Sorry, but
lube jokes never get old.

Sitting: a carcinogen?

I thought
British cult murder only existed in The Wicker Man . No, not the Nicolas Cage version.

Ralph Ellison character finally
reports self to police.

You know that feeling when your
98-year-old grandma gets arrested for playing bridge?

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