The Daily Word In Robots, Rats And Rockstars.

Carl Petersen
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Kanye West stopped his concert because a fan in a wheelchair wouldn’t stand up.

Country crooner
Lynn Anderson was arrested after a drunken car smash.

Courtney Love rocks the guitar lamely.

Samsung robot sentry shoots everyone, period.

Quadrupedal robots frolic gracefully to the tune of a new
cheetah algorithm.

Albuquerque pumpkin heist will likely scar toddlers’ psyches.

A virtual
Boobie Squeezing Simulator makes girlfriends obsolete.

Scottish independence might be an actual thing.

A sleeping Brooklyn toddler survived a
savage rat attack.

Switzerland will take Snowden.

gravedigger photographed himself with the exhumed remains of his long deceased nephew.

The Bernalilllo County Commission will take legal action against the Secretary of State to ensure key issues (including decriminalization of marijuana possession) will be on
the ballot in this November’s election.

State Fair time.

Jose Nino’s
baby won’t go to sleep.

Let the
shooting competition begin.

happening in Albuquerque today?

Happy birthday,
Tom Hardy.

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