The Daily Word In Selling Twinkies, Poop Coffee And Grammy Snubs

B.L. Brennan
1 min read
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US job growth picked up in November.

Changes have been made to Bernalillo county
animal law.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen welcome
baby girl.

Who wants a a steaming hot cup of really expensive
elephant poop coffee?

Man who lost $20,000 in drug money, asks police for excuse note to prevent the cartel from killing him.

In the spirit of Christmas,
here are some tips to avoid giving a gift that will later be returned.

Grieving father writes 14-song tribute album for missing daughter.

High magnitude
earthquake hits northeast Japan.

Following the demise of Hostess, Burque residents have started
selling Twinkies on Craigslist.

The Biebs didn’t get a single
Grammy nomination.

Nurse involved in Kate Middleton prank call
found dead.

This years top most
perfectly timed photos.
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