The Daily Word In Seth Rogen, Angry Dutchmen, Killer Zambonis, Walt Disney, And Rectal Feeding.

Constance Moss
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Police ended a hostage crisis at a chocolate shop in Sydney, Australia.

In other Australian news,
a shark killed a teenager.

Americans believe
torture prevents acts of terrorism.

Speaking of torture,
Karl Rove wants to feed your rectum.

An APD Officer accidentally shot a civilian on Sunday morning.

Seth Rogen is
North Korea’s biggest enemy.

The US is
the most uncaring nation in the industrial world, and it’s all Ayn Rand’s fault.

Mother Nature screwed up the day for air travelers in San Francisco.

The liquid in E-ciagerettes is poisonous enough to kill a child.

Dutch are not happy about Google’s privacy violations through data collection.

In Wisconsin,
a Zamboni is trying to kill people. A Plymouth Fury named Christine once tried to kill people.

Walt Disney died on this day back in 1966. He was 65. Here are some
inspirational Disney quotes to get you through life or at least through the day.

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