The Daily Word In Sexual Pupils, Cartel Drones And Photos From Mars

Adam Fox
1 min read
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Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page used to be the singer for a white power rock group called “End Apathy.”

Two men are charged after robbing a pizzeria and saying it was part of a
reality TV show.

pupil dilation may indicate sexual orientation.

Drug cartels are using
drones to spot unpatrolled areas of the border.

New Mexican Selena Gomez gets banned from Facebook for sharing the same name as the celeb.

A man sets his house on fire after microwaving his
socks and underwear.

The NFL is set to use its
first female referee in light of the current referee lockout.

A gay marriage opponent accidentally
sets a fire outside the General Mills headquarters in Minnesota.

Daniel Day Lewis makes a creepily convincing Abe Lincoln.

Santa Fe unveils two
electric vehicle charging stations.

Olive oil helps save a squirrel’s life after being stuck in a manhole cover.

The Curiosity has sent its
first full-color photograph from Mars.

James Holmes’ psychiatrist may have warned police weeks before the Aurora shooting.
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