The Daily Word In Skinny Mice, A Sofa On Wheels And A Motorcycle Erection

Adam Fox
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It’s May Day! Get your Guy Fawkes mask at your nearest Party City.

Bank of America plans to cut
2,000 jobs in its investment, commercial and wealth management departments.

I feel badly for Albuquerque Public Schools students who won’t get to experience the epicness of

After losing to the Miami Heat, the New York Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudamire cuts his hand after
punching a glass fire extinguisher case.

Toyota unveils its
sofa on wheels at a Beijing auto show.

Does tattooing
“God” on your forehead make you a better person?

A guy films himself
shooting a sign against North Carolina’s gay marriage ban.

Behind the scenes at
James Bond auditions in the ‘60s.

The new
Dark Knight Rises trailer made me less excited, for some reason.

A new app helps you report
TSA screening agents if you feel you’re treated unfairly.

A man is suing BMW after their motorcycle allegedly gave him a
20-month erection.

UT Southwestern researchers have a breakthrough in making mice
immune to obesity.

First Lady
Michelle Obama set to visit Kirtland Air Force Base this afternoon.
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