The Daily Word In Snake Salvation, Sid Ceasar And The Craigslist Killer

Carl Petersen
1 min read
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Craigslist Killer Miranda Barbour confesses to more than 22 murders.

We may be facing a
Clown Crisis.

Kim Jong Un drowns babies.

“Snake Salvation” reality star Pastor
Jamie Coots died of a snake bite.

Rest in peace,
Sid Ceasar.

A Pixar artist made a
children’s book of mature scenes from iconic films.

Learn how to
stretch your cell phone’s charge in a power outage.

Throughout history, humans have made up
games that torture animals.

NBC smuggled its own
secret Starbucks into the Olympics.

Love affects Facebook activity.

See a
17-year-old Prince.

Bosque fire alert.

Dennis Anderson found a
gunshot victim in his bed.

There is a possible
radiation leak at WIPP.

Happy birthday
Paris Hilton.

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