The Daily Word In Sumo Wrestling, Salmonella, Santolina And Sun Ra

Constance Moss
1 min read
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Barclays plans to build Santolina: an entirely new city just outside Albuquerque.

40,000 bees were found under this woman’s bedroom floor.

See a bee grow up in 60 seconds.

Italy warns consumers of a
Prosecco shortage.

A salmonella outbreak in the US linked to sushi tuna has sickened more thank 50 people.

An adult dating site was hacked, publicly revealing its users’ kinky turn-ons.

Judge Judy delivered the commencement speech at Shiprock High .

Here’s a glimpse into
the life of a sumo wrestler.

These portly cats and dogs are participating in a
pet slimming contest.

Herman Blount, AKA
Sun Ra was born on this day in 1914, supposedly on the planet Saturn. Space is the Place!

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