The Daily Word In Super Lice, Impending Global Doom And Kenny Rogers

Constance Moss
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Teenagers from North and South Korea competed in an international soccer tournament in Pyongyang, despite the threat of war between the two nations.

A woman on the New York City subway scratched and bit another female passenger for trying to sit next to her.

super lice are wreaking havoc on scalps in Western New York and have been reported in 25 states.

In a band? Here are five
band photo clichés to avoid.

According to NASA, rumors of
impeding global doom are greatly exaggerated.

July was
planet earth’s hottest month on record ever.

We have the best food trail in the nation:
The Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail.

Charges against the New Mexico
man who threw a banana peel at Dave Chappelle have been dropped.

Kenny Rogers turns 77 today!

Thanks to John Hankinson for the link!
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